US Navy & Marine Corps Accept Delivery of New ACES Systems Viper 2E Vibration Analyzer & Balancers

ACES Systems, a subsidiary of Technology for Energy Corp (Knoxville, TN), is proud to announce the delivery of 32 Viper 2E kits to the United States Navy and Marine Corps. The kits will be used for vibration surveys on the Rolls Royce F402 Pegasus engines. “8 months, contract award to delivery is a noteworthy achievement, especially with Covid and supply chain issues” says Ken Todd, Director of Business/Product Development for ACES Systems. “ACES systems has a long and proud history of supporting the men and women of the armed forces. We will continue well into the future. They deserve the most reliable equipment and service we can provide.” says Todd.

The Viper 2E Vibration Analyzer & Balancer: True 4-Channel Analyzer

The Viper 2E Vibration and Performance Analyzer is a compact instrument with all the power of the Viper and Viper 2 platforms. Vibration and acoustic analysis on jet engines and airframes, transient balance, fan trim balance, and even propeller balance features are ready to go anywhere you are.

Designed for MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2, the V2E protects from EMI, dust, water, and impacts in rugged, harsh environments. All cables have been built to MIL-SPEC standards, which includes EMI hardening and longer durability.

About ACES Systems

We believe in safety. Our engineers and product support personnel provide, industry-leading aviation vibration analysis and portable vibration balancing equipment to the fixed-wing and helicopter aviation industry. Our aircraft and helicopter track and balance equipment greatly increases the safety and performance of aviation vehicles. We are the knowledge leader and trusted partner to global aviation customers, providing simple solutions to complex problems in commercial, business, general and military communities.

ACES kits and analyzers combine cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing. For that, they are valued by aviation teams all over the world. Our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and military spec test kits are fast, accurate, and user-friendly.

For more information on this project, the Viper 2E, or any other ACES products, please contact ACES Systems at,, or by calling +1 865-671-2003.

ACES Systems Viper 2E: Built Military Tough