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Thank you for your interest in Technology for Energy Corp. TEC is an employee-owned company based in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, that designs and manufactures diagnostic instruments for multiple diverse industries. These industries are represented by TEC’s six divisions: Aviation, also known as ACES SystemsMaterials TestingNuclear Products; Electric Power, or Powermetrix, NavFox, and Silent Hound.

TEC was founded in 1975 and quickly became known in the industry for its quality design and manufacturing of monitoring systems for nuclear power production companies. TEC’s Nuclear Products Division continues to serve the nuclear industry today. TEC’s beginnings in the nuclear industry provided the foundation for its stringent quality control measures and commitment to product reliability. The Nuclear Products Division meets the requirements of 10CFR50, Appendix B.

In 1982, TEC began designing and manufacturing residual stress analysis systems–instruments that use x-ray diffraction to analyze the surface of metal and ceramic components for stresses that occur during manufacturing, reworking or operation of the part. The nondestructive x-ray diffraction (XRD) technique also can identify the amount of retained austenite in steels. TEC’s Materials Testing offers A2LA-accredited laboratory services in the field of mechanical testing that meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

The combination of experience and reputation in the industrial world provided TEC with a natural entry into the world of aircraft maintenance and condition monitoring equipment. With an industry-need for such equipment, and a staff of skilled engineers and quality manufacturing systems already in place, TEC purchased ACES Systems in 1990 to form its Aviation Division.

ACES Systems’ instruments are used worldwide as on-wing ground support maintenance equipment and in engine manufacturers’ test cells and overhaul facilities. These instruments are used for many aircraft maintenance applications including measuring engine vibration and noise levels, monitoring and trending turbine engine performance, and performing dynamic balancing.

In 1998, TEC further expanded its expertise in monitoring and analytical instruments with its acquisition of Powermetrix Corporation. This division designs and manufactures electric power measurement instruments for the power industry.

In 2022, TEC acquired the assets of RadioBro corporation based in Huntsville, AL. With this acquisition, TEC expands its engineering capacity and continues its focus on delivering innovative embedded systems with wireless communication technologies across multiple industries.

TEC’s entire staff is involved in customer communication from product development to delivery and beyond. All TEC instruments are designed and built by the employee-owners of the company, offering you unmatched dedication to quality products and services.

William “Buddy” Simpkins
Chief Executive Officer
Mitch Turner
John Wilson
Executive Vice President
of Engineering
Chris Mullins
Executive Vice President
of Product Management
Steve Horton, CPA, CGMA
Chief Financial Officer

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